What Are the Advantages of Using T-Mobile Against Other Providers?

One advantage of T-Mobile over other providers is that the company can offer higher capacity for data use than AT&T or Verizon, states The Motley Fool. This is because as of 2015, those two companies comprise 73 percent of cell usage, forcing them to place stricter limits on data use to keep their respective networks stable. Being a smaller network allows T-Mobile to be more competitive with regard to data plans, which is especially useful in metropolitan areas.

Another benefit of T-Mobile is that the additional capacity allows the company to make deals with third parties that directly benefit consumers. One such deal is T-Mobile's agreement with Google to allow Google to sell wireless service directly to consumers.

Another advantage that T-Mobile has is that as of 2015, there is no line access fee, notes Droid Life. This means that a family with multiple smart phones does not pay an additional fee for every smart phone connected to that account.

For those who travel often, T-Mobile offers the advantage of free usage when users are in Canada or Mexico.

The Motley Fool also notes that T-Mobile is in a better position to offer future deals to consumers because rival companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, have spent large sums on making new acquisitions. T-Mobile, having not spent such a sum in 2015, has fewer cash constraints than much of its competition.