What Are Some Advantages of Using an Online Letter Writing Service?


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Some advantages of using an online letter writing service include the ability to draft several different letters at once and to work on more than one mass mailing at a time. Although using an online service looks expensive, business owners can save money on salaries for secretarial staff.

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Online letter writing services are a real time- and money-saving boon, especially for busy business people who don’t type. Small business owners in particular can make their operations money go farther because they don’t have to hire and pay benefits to typists or hire temporary secretarial staff to handle heavy workloads. The money they save in salaries pays for the letter writing service.

For instance, businesses such as catalog and marketing firms often need to send out several different mailings simultaneously. Using an online letter writing service means that the cover letters for each mailing can be written and typed at the same time. Also, managers can review and edit letters as needed after delivery, reducing the lead time to get finished copy into production.

Online letter writing services can also speed up the process of doing mass mailings because they can perform mail merges, and then deliver the finished files to an office where the staff then prints out the individual letters and mails them.

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