What Are Some of the Advantages of Using Ceridian Source Self Service?


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Ceridian Source Self-Service portals allow employees to manage their own information virtually, 24 hours a day. The portals allow employees to view and change personal information, register for and maintain benefits, log hours and download tax documents. The portals also include payroll information and past paystubs, as well as performance management documents. Depending on the employer, a Ceridian Self-Service portal might also include employee training and education modules, as well as employee assistance tools.

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The Ceridian Self-Service portal also contains a mobile app, so both employees and supervisors have the ability to view and change information from any mobile device. Additionally, the portal includes a fully integrated benefits function that allows both employees and the employer to see current and past benefits elections and claims, in addition to making changes due to life events or other special situations.

The biggest benefit of the portal is that it allows users in general to connect remotely to sensitive information that previously was entirely under the umbrella of the HR department and only available during business hours. The virtual platform is cost-saving and time-saving to businesses, and it is a very convenient resource for employees who often need access to personal and tax documents at times not generally considered operating hours.

There are several different iterations of the Ceridian portal, and not all versions have every benefit that the online platform offers. Small businesses often adopt more limited versions of the portal, while large corporations generally opt for the full suite.

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