What Are the Advantages of Tablets Compared to Laptop Computers?


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Features that make tablets superior to laptops include display technology and battery life. Tablets are also smaller and lighter than laptops, which make tablets easier to carry around. Tasks that primarily involve point interaction instead of typing are better done with tablets.

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The average tablet has a display with a higher pixel density than a laptop display. A higher pixel density means that the display can render texts and pictures with better clarity and fewer jagged edges. The average tablet also employs a power-efficient processor, which helps conserve battery life. According to PCWorld, a tablet can last almost 10 hours before it needs recharging, whereas a laptop typically has about six hours of battery life.

In general, the dimensions of a tablet are smaller than a laptop's, allowing the tablet to fit comfortably inside handbags and small containers. In addition, a tablet typically weighs no more than a pound. This lightness, along with the long battery life, makes the tablet the better choice for travelers on long trips and for students who have back-to-back classes.

A tablet uses touch as its main input, which makes it more suited for specific tasks. For instance, apps that specialize in drawing illustrations and creating music heavily rely on touch interactions, such as dragging and tapping. Artists and designers often use these apps to work as they commute.

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