What Are the Advantages of Smartphones?

advantages-smartphones Credit: Tim Robberts/Taxi/Getty Images

Advantages of smartphones include Internet connectivity, productivity tools and access to apps for almost any purpose. Users can stay connected virtually anywhere by connecting to Wi-Fi or using data plans connected to the smartphone.

While a regular phone allows the user to make phone calls and send text messages, a smartphone offers many built-in features and the ability to download apps. Many apps are available for free, while others charge a fee to download.

Busy professionals use smartphones to access files, send and receive emails, and research work issues even when away from the office. An employee might use a smartphone calendar or scheduling app to manage her work schedule. Small business owners can use smartphones to accept payments.

Personal use of smartphones includes productivity, personal improvement and entertainment through the use of apps. Popular apps fall into productivity, health and exercise categories. Many financial institutions offer apps with access to account information and some stores offer apps that allow purchases right from the phone. Smartphone users also download game apps for entertainment purposes.

Smartphones can replace several individual devices, such as GPS devices and MP3 players. The phones have built-in programs, including map programs, music and video players. Users access the map program for navigation purposes in place of a GPS device.