What Are Some Advantages of Signing in to Your YouTube Account?

Logging into a YouTube account allows the user to create playlists, save videos as favorites or as previously watched, and view customized recommendations based on previously watched videos. Being logged in allows users to subscribe to favorite channels and participate in the YouTube community by leaving comments.

Logging into YouTube also enables content creator features such as channel customization, live streaming events, custom thumbnails and external annotations within videos. Other features are available upon logging in, but require meeting additional criteria, such as monetization criteria or having an account older than 30 days.

Not all features are available to all users. Users can check available features for a particular account by visiting Creator Studio and choosing Status and Features under the Channel menu. The most basic requirement to access YouTube features is having an account in good standing, both with the community and with YouTube's copyright agreement.

Additionally, users should have verified accounts to maximize the number of features for which they are eligible. For instance, verified users can upload longer videos than the 15-minute standard maximum. This lets YouTube users avoid having to choose between multi-part video uploads and heavily edited content. Verified users also have the ability to curate play lists from their video collections to target specific viewers.