What Are the Advantages of Signing up for the Boost Mobile Family Plan?


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As of April 2015, Boost Mobile does not offer a family plan option. Boost Mobile is a wireless cell phone carrier that offers prepaid daily and monthly plans with no contract. The company is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel in the United States.

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A cell phone carrier's family plan typically allows customers to add additional lines to their cell phone plan at a reduced cost, rather than having to sign up for multiple individual monthly plans. Each member can use the data, text and minutes of the plan. Prices can vary depending on the amount of minutes, texts and data allowed.

Boost Mobile offers unlimited text, data and minutes on all its monthly plans, with the cost starting at $35, as of 2015. Boost also offers daily unlimited plans for $2 or $3 per day, depending on a customer's needs. However, none of these plans allow customers to add additional lines for family members. Depending on a family's needs and usage, it may be less expensive to buy individual plans with Boost Mobile rather than a family plan at another company. Families should compare prices and network coverage of cell phone carriers in their location to determine the best plan for them.

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