What Are the Advantages of Panasonic's Link2Cell Technology?


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Advantages of Panasonic's Link2Cell technology include longer battery life, no dead zones and reduced chances of missing a call. Other advantages of the Link2Cell technology are the ability to use personal ring tones, and that a landline is not necessary to use this technology.

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With a longer battery life, those who use Panasonic's Link2Cell technology do not need to worry about carrying a cell phone. Instead, the user speaks on the home handset, allowing the cell phone to keep its battery charged. Dead zones are a thing of the past as well, because an individual can place the cell phone in a place where the phone gets reception, and it can stay there.

With Link2Cell technology, calls to a cell phone come through home handsets, so the chances of missing a cell phone call are slim to none, even if the cell phone is missing. All phones ring at the same time.

There are a number of other advantageous features of Panasonic's Link2Cell technology, such as the ability to expand the technology to up to six different handsets and an eco-mode. In addition, this technology features talking caller identification and an easy-to-use keypad found on the base unit of the phone.

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