What Are the Advantages of Flat Screen TVs?


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Flat screen televisions are less expensive than their newer, curved counterparts. In sizes smaller than a 65-inch screen, flat screens spread light more evenly across the entire panel, giving the screen brightness greater uniformity than what is available from a curved screen.

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What Are the Advantages of Flat Screen TVs?
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As of 2015, curved-screen television sets remain a growing trend. They are marketed as making the viewer feel as though he is watching a much larger screen. When the screens themselves are more than 100 inches in size, the curve does add an element of being in a movie theater, according to reviewers. Some supporters of curved screens also praise their improvement of contrast by focusing the light leaving the television more directly at the viewer while also enhancing the viewing angle from those watching from a point other than right in front of the television.

However, the size requirement for these improvements (bigger than a 65-inch screen and, ideally, bigger than 100 inches) makes these benefits out of reach for many consumers. For people purchasing televisions of more typical sizes, the flat screen variety is more practical. An outboard audio system, such as a sound bar, improves the viewing experience more than going to a curved screen does.

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