What Are the Advantages of Document Control?


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Some advantages of electronic document control include the ability to eliminate or reduce errors, decreased cost for managing paper systems, and options to quickly create new documents or efficiently update an existing document. Some systems also aid in the distribution process and provide tools for quickly turning an outside file into a form for repeated use.

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Document control generally refers to the practice of monitoring and ensuring the quality of various documents within an entity that processes large amounts of paperwork repeatedly, typically in conjunction with a system for electronically managing the documents. One of the advantages of such a system is that it provides a central point of access to all documents that is available at all times, both locally and remotely. As such, it is possible to quickly modify a form or other item within the central database and ensure that any other members of the organization that access the document have the latest version.

This also helps to avoid errors in the form, as there is one central document that serves as the master copy available for review at any time. Some systems also allow the users monitor the distribution of the document, ensuring that it is available to the appropriate departments, whereas there is less oversight for paper document management systems. It also eliminates the need for physical storage of files and the need to destroy older versions of the documents.

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