What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers?


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Computers have made it easier to communicate, transfer files and perform automated tasks. However, the efficiency of computers has led to the reduced need of human labor, which has led to unemployment in some sectors. Setting up an effective computer network in a company also requires significant investment, which may be a hurdle for some.

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Another key benefit of using computers is the vast availability of applications. There are hundreds of thousands of apps designed to offer flexible solutions to different tasks. This allows users to complete different tasks. Computers can be used to watch movies and view pictures. It can also be used for editing movies and pictures. Computers can also be used for communicating. Owners can send emails, make video calls, send IMs and more.

The downside to the enhanced communication options provided by computers is that it reduces physical interaction. People become more engrossed with cyber interactions and spend less time forging physical bonds. The long hours spent at a computer also brings with it several health risks: people sometimes develop injuries in their wrist, elbows and joints and stand a greater risk of gaining weight. Another disadvantage of computers is that it leaves users more vulnerability to cyber attacks and data thefts. Most people have their personal data and information stored in cloud services, and all these are susceptible to theft.

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