What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mac Computers?

The biggest advantages of using Mac computers are their reliability, ease of use, high levels of security and compatibility with other Apple products. The biggest drawbacks of using Mac computers are their prices, lack of compatibility with specialized software and minimal customization capabilities.

Mac software is developed by Apple and is only compatible with Mac computers. Development of software and hardware that are meant to be used in tandem offers a level of stability and reliability that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Additionally, the security features of Mac computers are apt at preventing common viruses that often become issues for Windows users without antivirus software. Compatibility with common products like the iPhone and iPad also makes Mac computers and their counterparts easy to use and versatile.

On the other hand, Mac computers are pricier than most other computer brands. The MacBook Air starts at $899 while comparable laptops from other companies sell for $500. Furthermore, many specialized types of software are optimized for use with computers that use Windows. In particular, many games are best used on PCs rather than Macs. Lastly, while the parts to many PCs are interchangeable and can be replaced easily, Macs do not offer the same kind of customization.