What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Extreme Programming?

One advantage of extreme programming is that it is very versatile and a weakness would be that it can cause a project to overrun because there is so much to keep track of. An important thing to remember when using extreme programming is to have a good team leader and organization.

Extreme programming is one of the favored agile processes that was first thought up by Kent Beck in the early 1990s. An agile process is a way for a group of people to be flexible and process things quickly. Extreme processing in its present state is still changing and expanding.

There are four actions that the extreme process uses, which are listening, coding, designing and testing. Coding is thought to be the greatest asset in extreme processing. Making sure to test the program allows the programmer to confirm that things are working properly. Designing is important because of the need to construct a program that can properly categorize the logic of the program. The other action, listening, means having the ability to comprehend what the consumer needs.

Where there are great advantages to using extreme programming there are also issues with using it. The other weaknesses related to using extreme programming are facing harder collaboration in a big group, being able to have everything completed by the deadline, being able to figure out how much time is needed and not being able to keep track of everything properly.