What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Email?

The biggest advantages to having an email address are the ability to receive information quickly and that emails do not use paper. The disadvantages of email are that emails are an easy way to spread viruses and open the door to receiving spam.

Email is a great way to communicate to people because almost everyone has one. This has to do with the fact that emails are cheap. In fact, most emails are free. Just like sending physical mail, emails sometimes contain more than just words. Most emails allow users to attach pictures and other documents. Compared to sending letters by mail, email saves a lot of money because the sender does not have to pay for stamps.

Just like anything, there are disadvantages to email as well. One such example is that people have the ability to respond to emails as soon as they read them. The ability to do this is often considered an advantage, but it also opens the door to negative emotional responses. For example, when people read emails and become upset, they often send hateful emails in return. They did not allow enough time to process before sending their email and replied in the heat of the moment.