What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cellphone?

The primary advantage of a cellphones is that they provide convenience in communicating with others regardless of location while the disadvantages are that they can be expensive, dangerous and environmentally unfriendly. In addition, cellphones have pushed the boundaries of acceptable times to contact others.

Cellphones provide convenience. No matter where an individual is, if he has a cellphone, he can be contacted and has the ability to contact others. Cellphones also provide multiple platforms of communication. In addition to voice conversations, text conversations are also possible. For those who own smartphones, email is yet another platform of communication that is readily available through a cellphone.

Cellphone usage is purchased in increments. When users use more than their allocated minutes or data, they must pay penalties. This means that cellphone ownership can get quite expensive for those who are not careful.

People also frequently replace their cellphones, which is damaging to the environment. Statistics suggest, in fact, that people replace their phones about every 18 months on average.

Cellphones also become dangerous when they are misused. Talking or texting while driving has generating a lot of safety concerns.

Cellphones can also become a nuisance when it comes to seeking some peace and quiet. When people are aware of another's cellphone ownership, they tend to think that contacting that person at any time is acceptable.