What Are the Advantages of a Combination VHS and DVD Player?


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Buying a DVD/VCR combo unit saves space, since it is essentially two devices in one, and it lets the user control both devices using the same remote. In addition, there’s only one set of cables and cords with a combo unit, so it looks less cluttered in an entertainment center or on a shelf.

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Because the DVD/VCR combo takes up less space, it is an ideal option for homes with limited square footage or for small spaces such as bedrooms or dorm rooms. Another advantage is that it frees up connection ports on the TV for additional peripherals, since it requires just one port. Additionally, DVD/VCR combos allow users to enjoy their old VCR tapes and home movies while also enjoying newer DVD technology.

Another major advantage of DVD/VCR combos for some users it the ability to burn their VHS content over to rewritable DVDs. Not all combos offer this capability, but those that do allow for easy archiving of favorite films, home movies and other video on VHS into digital format. Shoppers interested in this feature should look for units where the VCR component offers two-way dubbing, which is technology that allows the DVD component to record content from VHS tapes.

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