What Are the Advantages of Buying a Used Router?


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The main advantage of buying a used router is paying a lower price for the same features found in a new router of the same make and model. Consumers can also purchase factory refurbished routers that are technically "used," but eligible for tech support and even carry limited warranties.

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Purchasing a used router is a decision that makes sense for individual consumers who want to save some money. By doing a bit of comparison shopping via online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist, a buyer can find bargains on these used network components. Unlike other used goods, electronic components typically do not degrade much from regular use. A router, for example, does not typically deteriorate with "wear and tear" from being used to access a network or download data. Time and environmental factors that may eventually wear out solders, epoxies and resins in the circuitry are the main way a router degrades.

One disadvantage to buying a used router from an individual seller is that the new owner is unlikely to be eligible for tech support or warranty service. One way around this is to seek out retailers such as Newegg.com and Microcenter that sell factory-refurbished routers. These routers are typically components that were returned, repaired and recertified by the original manufacturer. Normally, a consumer can get full technical support with this type of used router, as well as a limited warranty. That makes refurbished used routers an good solution for small business owners who need to purchase multiple routers of the same brand and model type.

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