What Are the Advantages of 1500-Watt Speakers?


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The wattage of a speaker is not enough to have any clear advantages over other speakers, besides the idea that it can handle more sound. However, the amount of sound that the speaker can handle also varies depending on the type of speaker it is and the amplifier that it uses.

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When comparing speakers, many people are quick to use wattage as a way to compare the respective power potential. However, the power capabilities of a speaker system vary according to the type of speaker it is, as well as the power source to which it is connected. Speakers that are 1,500 watts can be powered by an amplifier that uses the same wattage. However, if it is a passive unit, it may or may not be as loud as a lower wattage active speaker.

Passive speakers are older units that require the use of an external amplifier. These models are often used by budget-minded producers and are limited according to the type of amplifier that is connected to them. Active speakers are stand-alone units that do not need an external amplifier. These speakers are instead connected to the mixer and have independent controls located on the back of each unit. The backs of active speakers can control the volume, bass and treble.

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