What Is an Adobe PDF Tutorial?

Adobe PDF tutorials show various techniques for using Adobe's Acrobat publishing software. These begin with basic use, such as reading a document, through using Acrobat to create forms, enable e-signatures or in combination with other software. Although many people are familiar with using the Acrobat Reader, new users can benefit from Acrobat Reader tutorials to become comfortable using the software. Advanced users learn techniques to create sophisticated collaborative projects using Acrobat.

The main feature that people know about Acrobat is that PDF files are usable on nearly any device and that the documents are not easily editable. Acrobat does have editing and sharing features, although not available in all versions of the software. Additionally, some features are difficult to use or do not always produce expected results, so tutorials cover aspects such as reproducing files exactly or incorporating graphics. Other options include optical character recognition or reading documents out loud.

Another aspect of PDF creation is accessibility, both for online display and for people with disabilities. For Web use, it's important that features display clearly across different browsers. Tables, graphics and commenting are all possible in online PDFs.

With documents meant for a wide audience, particularly legal or informational material, the law requires accessibility for people who have visual, auditory or motion impairments. Learning how to present information correctly while maintaining a well-designed layout is a challenge that tutorials cover.