What Is Adobe Gamma Loader?


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Adobe Gamma Loader was a product created by Adobe Systems Incorporated for adjusting and calibrating computer monitor colors. It was included in the early versions of Photoshop, the company's widely-respected flagship product for manipulating photographs digitally. Adobe Gamma Loader has not been included in the Photoshop bundle of programs since the release of Adobe Creative Suite 3 after the company acquired Macromedia in 2005.

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Gamma is a term used to describe the brightness of midtone values on a CRT monitor, which is crucial to ensure that what is viewed on the screen is the same as what appears in a printed version of the same image. As CRT monitors became less common with the advent of more efficient and much smaller screens, this color management tool decreased in usefulness. Older versions of Photoshop likely still contain the Adobe Gamma Loader, but it is not necessary to keep it installed. In fact, the loader can affect all programs installed on a computer, not just the Adobe Photoshop program. However, it can still be used to calibrate a monitor at the system level and to create an ICC (International Color Consortium) profile. This is a valuable tool for developing a color-managed workflow.

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