How Do You Adjust the Settings on a Router?


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To adjust the settings on a router, open a browser and enter the router's address in the web address bar. Enter a valid administrator username and password, choose the settings to be changed in the device's settings menu and reboot the router to confirm the changes.

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Adjusting settings on a router is fast and easy. To make changes to router settings, run through the following steps.

  1. Connect the computer to the network
  2. If the computer is not already connected to a wireless network or hooked up to the router with an Ethernet cable, connect the computer to the device.

  3. Open a web browser
  4. Open any web browser to access the router's administration and setup page.

  5. Enter the router's address into the address bar
  6. The router's address is usually located on the back of the device.

  7. Enter a valid username and password
  8. The administrator username and password are usually located on the back of the router.

  9. Adjust the settings
  10. Go into the device's settings menu or choose the relevant menu to make changes to the router. Make the desired adjustments and select "save" to confirm them. For specific instructions, visit the router manufacturer's official website.

  11. Reboot the router
  12. In some cases, it may be necessary to reboot the router to confirm the adjustments.

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