How Do You Adjust the Display Screen Size?


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To adjust the display the screen size, adjust the screen resolution of the system so that the screen is filled with content and graphics. Alternatively, update the monitor and video card drivers of the device using the installation disk of Windows.

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To adjust the screen resolution of the system, right-click on an empty spot on the desktop and click on Properties to open the Display Properties window. Alternatively, click the Start menu, select Control Panel and open Appearance and Personalization. Click on Personalization and then access the Display Properties window.

Next, select Settings from the box and adjust the slider on Screen Resolution to the desired resolution level. Click on Apply to confirm the setting.

If this does not resolve the issue, click on Advanced in the same box and choose Monitor. Then, click on Properties to open the Default Monitor Properties box, select Driver and click on Update Driver. Next, insert the installation disk of the operating system to access the files of the monitor driver and choose Install the Software Automatically.

Alternatively, download these files from the website of the computer manufacturer's support section and choose Install from a list or specific location and browse for the files on the system. Click OK.

To install the video card driver, choose Adapter in the Display Properties box. Install the driver using the same steps as for installing the monitor driver. Finally, reboot the computer.

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