How Do You Add YouTube Songs to a Playlist?


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To add songs or any YouTube videos to a playlist, first click on the video, and choose the Add To button between the subscriber's name and the video description. Depending on whether the user has a mobile device or PC, the button may appear as text or a plus sign.

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After clicking Add To, a window appears prompting the user to select a playlist or to create a new playlist for the video. Playlists can be public or private. Public playlists are ideal for sharing on social media or for obtaining a channel audience, while private playlists are ideal for saving content for personal use. Users can set a playlist to default so that the Add To button always selects that playlist instead of prompting the user.

YouTube features two default playlists, which are the Watch Later list and the Liked list. From the home page or dashboard screen, users can move the cursor over a video's thumbnail to see a small clock icon. Clicking that icon sends the video to the Watch Later list, enabling users to queue videos or songs and then watch them on auto-play at any time. Under each video, a thumbs-up icon appears, enabling users to add videos to the Liked list. Setting the Liked list to public provides an easy way to share content tastes and preferences.

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