How Do You Add a Windows 7 Computer to a Homegroup?

How Do You Add a Windows 7 Computer to a Homegroup?

Add a computer running Windows 7 to an existing Homegroup by simply clicking on the Join Now option found in the Homegroup menu. Access this menu through the Control Panel or Windows Explorer window.

  1. Access the Homegroup menu

    Click on Start, and then select Control Panel. When the Control Panel window comes up, go to Network and Internet. The Homegroup menu is listed under it. The Homegroup menu can also be found in the Windows Explorer window. Simply open a window by clicking on the Windows Explorer icon in the Taskbar, and locate Homegroup in the navigation pane found on the left side of the screen.

  2. Join an existing Homegroup

    If the Homegroup menu is accessed through Control Panel, then click on Homegroup. Then, click the Join Now button. If the Homegroup menu is accessed through Windows Explorer, then right click on Homegroup. Then, select Join Now.

  3. Complete the Homegroup wizard

    Select what items to share with the Homegroup by checking the appropriate boxes, and then click on Next. Provide the Homegroup's password when the wizard asks for it, and click Finish. If unknown, the password can be found from the computer that initially created the Homegroup. To find the password, go to the Homegroup menu on the computer that created the Homegroup. Then, click on View Homegroup Password.