How Do You Add a Widget to Blogger?

How Do You Add a Widget to Blogger?

In Blogger, widgets are also known as gadgets. To add a widget to Blogger, begin by signing in, going to the blog dashboard and clicking on the Layout link. Click the Page Elements link, then click Add a Gadget. Select the desired gadget, drag and drop it to the preferred location and save the changes.

  1. Sign in to Blogger

    Log in to your Blogger account, and navigate to the blog dashboard.

  2. Open the layout page

    Click on the Layout link on the left side of the frame. Click on the Page Elements link, and then click Add a Gadget.

  3. Add the gadget

    From the pop-up list of available gadgets, select the appropriate gadget to install by clicking on the blue plus sign to the right of the gadget description.

  4. Save the changes

    After selecting the gadget, drag and drop the gadget the desired location on the blog page. Click Save to save the changes.