How Do You Add Text to a Picture in Word 2007?


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Text can be added to the top of any image in Word 2007 by drawing a text box and grouping it with the photo. In Word 2007, text cannot be rotated when placed on top of a picture, but it can be moved to position it correctly.

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There are a few steps needed to create text on a picture in Word 2007:

  1. Select an insertion point and add photo
  2. Using the cursor, select an insertion point for the photo. From the "Insert" tab in the "Illustrations" section click "Shapes" then "New Drawing Canvas." Click on the drawing canvas and then click "Picture" in the illustrations group. Browse to locate the photo to be used and double click it to insert it in the Word document.

  3. Add text to the picture
  4. In the "Text" area of the "Insert" tab, click "WordArt." Select the style of text to use and then type the text desired to be on top of the photo. Click the outside edge of the WordArt and move it into position over the photo. Click the outside edge of the photo and hold the CTRL key down while clicking the edge of WordArt to select both items at once.

  5. Combine text and photo
  6. Go to "Drawing Tools" under the "Format" tab. Click the arrow next to "Group" in the "Arrange" group section and then click "Group" to combine the text and the photo.

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