How Do You Add a Signature in Outlook?


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To add a signature to emails in Microsoft Outlook the signature first needs created. It should then be assigned to the appropriate email account as the default signature. This is done in the signature settings.

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Adding a signature in Outlook requires a couple of steps.

  1. Create a signature
  2. The first step is to create a signature. Open a new message in Outlook then go to the Include group on the Messages tab. Click on Signature and then on Signatures. The first tab is called E-Mail Signature - make sure this is the one that is active and click New. Give the signature a name and then use the Edit box to create the signature. It is possible to have text, images, electronic business cards and links in signatures. When finished, click OK.

  3. Set as default
  4. Go to the E-Mail Signatures tab in Signatures, as described above. On the right of the tab there are settings for Choose Default Signature. The first is E-mail Account - set this to the correct email account using the drop-down menu. The next option is New Messages. Use the drop-down in this option to select the correct signature. This adds the signature to new emails that are created. To also include the signature in replied-to emails and forwarded emails, select the signature under the setting for Replies/forwards. Otherwise, select none. Click OK when finished.

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