How Do You Add an RSS Feed to a WordPress Blog?

How Do You Add an RSS Feed to a WordPress Blog?

How Do You Add an RSS Feed to a WordPress Blog?

A RSS feed can easily be added to a WordPress blog through the RSS widget. This widget can be found in the Widgets category under the Appearance menu, and it allows users to directly add RSS feeds to their WordPress blogs.

  1. Add the RSS Widget

    Click on the Widgets category in the Appearance menu, and locate the RSS widget. Add this widget to the sidebar.

  2. Find the URL to the RSS feed

    To add a RSS feed to the blog, the URL of the RSS feed has to be obtained from the website that is to be shown on the blog. Usually the RSS feed URL can be found through the standard feed icon. If the icon can't be located on a website, then the URL can also be found through words such as "subscribe" or "feed." Once the URL has been identified, right-click on it, and copy the RSS feed URL by simply clicking on the Copy Link Location option.

  3. Set up the RSS feed

    Open the settings for the RSS widget in the WordPress sidebar. Paste the previously obtained RSS feed URL in the text box found under the words "Enter the RSS feed URL here." Add a title to the RSS feed if necessary via the Give the Feed a Title text box. Select the number of items to be displayed and whether or not to display the date, the name of the author and the content of the item through the available settings options.

  4. Add the RSS feed

    After setting up the RSS feed and selecting the necessary options from the available settings, click Save to add the RSS feed to the blog.