How Do You Add, Remove and Repair Programs on Your Computer?


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Windows users can visit their computer's Control Panel to find a selection of options to repair, change or uninstall programs, and Mac users can visit their computer's Applications folder to remove, change or uninstall programs. Options can vary for both operating systems.

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On the start screen, Windows users click search and enter Control Panel, which then brings them to the Control Panel. Once here, click on Programs and Features, which can be found alphabetically. The Programs and Features list brings users a list of programs that the computer currently has installed.

In order to uninstall a program, click the program, and then click the uninstall function in the appropriate window. From here, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

To change a program, go to the same Programs and Features list that is located in the Control Panel. Click on the Change option, and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the process.

To repair a program, return to the Programs and Features list in the Control Panel section. Click on the program, and click on the change function to begin the process.

Mac users delete programs by dragging the program from the Applications folder into the Trash folder. After doing so, go into the Application Support and Preferences folders to find files named after the deleted application, and drag these files to the trash.

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