How Do You Add Your Pictures to the ElfYourself Free Download?

Use photos from your Facebook page, the existing camera rolls on your phones or new photos that you take with your phone cameras to add pictures to the Android app “ElfYourself.” You can upload up to five photos at a time.

The “ElfYourself” app from Office Depot allows you to create personalized videos of yourself and your friends as digitized dancing elves. The videos that you create are shareable on Facebook and via email. Besides just adding photos, you can also select the dance theme that plays during the videos.

After uploading photos to the “ElfYourself” app, you have to adjust the faces from the photos to fit on the dancing elves. To do this, stretch or shrink the faces on the photos until the mouths line up with the dotted lines that represent where the elves' mouths go.

The “ElfYourself” app was last updated on December 16, 2014, as of July 2015. At that time, the app was 15 megabytes in size, and users could only install this app on phones using Android 4.1 or higher. “ElfYourself” features in-app purchases that range in price. The app is unrated and could contain material that isn't appropriate for all ages.