What Are Add-Ons for Mozilla?


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Add-ons for Mozilla let users add new features and change the way their Firefox browser functions. They are small pieces of software that offer additional features, increased functionality or customization options to Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser. Popular add-ons for Mozilla include foreign language dictionaries, display themes, pop-up blockers and RSS feeds.

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What Are Add-Ons for Mozilla?
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There are several forms of add-ons for Mozilla that customize Firefox in a variety of ways. Extensions add new features to Firefox or modify the browser’s existing functionality. Popular extensions include pop-up blockers, video download software and social media integration tools.

Add-ons for Mozilla that alter the browser’s appearance are called themes. A complete theme add-on changes the entire appearance of the browser, including its icons, dialogs, colors and other visuals. Other theme add-ons alter background images to customize the user’s Firefox toolbars.

Add-ons for Mozilla also include distinct tools such as dictionaries, language packs and search providers. Other add-on types include plugins, which help Firefox understand or display different media forms.

Mozilla add-ons are developed by corporations or individual developers. All add-ons for Mozilla are reviewed by a team of engineers and editors before their release. Add-ons for Mozilla are managed, disabled, installed or uninstalled from the Add-ons Manager in Firefox.

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