How Do You Add Music to PowerPoint?

How Do You Add Music to PowerPoint?

To add music files to your PowerPoint presentation, first make sure you have compatible music file formats. Then, insert the music files into the presentation where appropriate.

  1. Select your music files

    Choose the files you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint supports two audio file types: MP3 and WAV. MP3 is a compressed file type and is typically smaller in size than a WAV file.

  2. Decide where you want to insert your music file

    Choose the specific slide or slides where you want to insert your music files. Select the slide from the panel on the left side of PowerPoint.

  3. Select the music file

    Click the Insert menu at the top of the application. Then, choose Movies and Sounds. Finally, select Sound From File. A new window appears where you can select the music file from your computer. A dialog box appears on the screen.

  4. Choose how to enable the music

    From the dialog box, select whether you want the music to start automatically or upon clicking. The music file is inserted into the PowerPoint presentation. To insert more music into other slides of your presentation, repeat steps two and three.

  5. Test the presentation

    Click on the Slide Show menu and start the slide show. When you get to the slide where you have inserted the music file, ensure that the music file plays properly.