How Do You Add Minutes to Your TracFone?

The TracFone website says there are two ways to add minutes to a Tracphone. One way is to add the minutes online from the website, and the other way is to add minutes from the TracFone itself.

According to the TracFone website, to add minutes online, TracFone users need the Airtime pin located on the back of their card and the phone number of the TracFone they want to add minutes to, as well as any promotional codes they might have.

Owners who do not wish to store credit card information can opt to buy minutes for their phone at more than 80,000 stores around the United States. A list of locations is available on the Tracfone website.

Owners have the option of registering at and purchasing directly from the site. They can also activate their phones and check available minutes using the site.

To add minutes to the TracFone itself, the website says users need to turn their phone on and go to the prepaid menu from the menu screen. There, users will see an option to Redeem Airtime or Add Airtime. Users will then be asked to add their Airtime pin, which is once again located on the back of their card. Users should make sure to keep their card until they have received their minutes.

According to TracFone support, users need to add Airtime before the end of their service to keep their TracFone service active. The number of days left is located on the main TracFone screen for easy reference. Minutes added are combined with the minutes users already have on their TracFones.