How Do You Add Minutes to an AT&T GoPhone?

To add minutes to an AT&T GoPhone, log in to the myAT&T account and select Refill Account. Customers can purchase a physical refill card or buy minutes online.

To make a one-time addition with a refill card, first purchase the card at an AT&T store or authorized reseller such as Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy or CVS. Log in to the GoPhone account with the wireless number and password. Choose Refill Account and then click GoPhone Refill Card. Enter the PIN from the back of the card and click Refill Now.

To use a debit or credit card or bank account, log in to myAT&T, click Refill Account and select Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking Account. Enter at least $10 in the refill amount box and click Continue. Choose the payment method and click Continue. Enter the payment details and click Continue again. Click Submit to add the minutes.

Customers can also set up automatic payments to refill the GoPhone account every 30 days. Log in to the account, choose Set Up Auto Refill and click Set Up Auto Refill. Enter the monthly refill amount in the box and click Continue. Follow the prompts to pay with a checking account, credit card or debit card.