How Do You Add Fonts to Photoshop?


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New fonts can be added to Photoshop by downloading them from a site and double clicking on the file, which will open it and show an install option. This installs the font to the computer and allows Photoshop to have access to it. Right clicking on the downloaded font file and choosing install also installs the font.

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If the Photoshop program is open and running when the new fonts are installed, they may not be visible from the drop-down menu that lists the fonts currently usable in Photoshop. Restarting Photoshop will normally correct this and refresh the font list that can be used. The Mac OS X system normally has an installer program for new fonts. Installing on a Mac is very similar to windows because the font will still need to be downloaded from the site and possibly extracted from a zip file depending on the site it was downloaded from. Font Book is the name of the program in a Mac computer that will open and install the font. There will be an install font option on the lower part of the screen. Once that option is clicked, the font will be installed and ready for use.

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