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Install new fonts on your Windows computer by dragging them into the Fonts system folder. You can access the Fonts folder quickly on any PC running Windows 2000 or later by using the command "%windir%fonts" in a Run window.

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  1. Locate the fonts you want to install

    Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to wherever the fonts you'd like to install are stored.

  2. Open Run

    Hold the Windows key, then press "R" to open a Run window.

  3. Open the Fonts system folder

    Delete the contents of the entry field in the Run window and type "%windir%fonts". Press Enter or click the OK button to open the Fonts system folder.

  4. Select the fonts you'd like to install

    In the folder where your new fonts are stored, hold the Ctrl key and select the individual fonts you'd like to install. Alternatively, if you'd like to install all of the fonts in the folder, hold the Ctrl key and press the A key to select all files.

  5. Drag the new fonts into the Fonts folder

    With the fonts selected, hold left click over the selection and drag it into the open Fonts folder. If you are installing a large number of fonts, a status bar appears to inform you of the progress of the operation. The fonts should now be installed and available for use.

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