How Do You Add a Chatbot to Your Website?

How Do You Add a Chatbot to Your Website?

Add a chatbot to your website using specialized tools such as LiveZilla. Use Web-based services on sites such as and, as of November 2015.

To add LiveZilla's chatbot, you must first install LiveZilla 4.2.x or a later version in your computer, along with the Online Chat feature. Once the application is successfully installed, launch it, navigate to LiveZilla Server Admin, go to User Management, click New, and click Chat Bot. Choose a name for the chatbot, select the groups where you want it to be active, save it, and close the User Management form.

Go to the right side of the LiveZilla window, click LiveZilla Knowledgebase, and add answers for frequently asked questions. When you're done, right-click one of your entries, select Settings, and click Activate Bots. If you prefer autoreplies, login to your LiveZilla server, double-click your chatbot, and add your question and answer combinations in the Bot Feeds form that opens.

To use SecondEgo's Virtual Agent, create an account at Create your chatbot, add predefined knowledge to it, and then integrate it into your website by copying and pasting one line of the HTML into your website's code.

With Bot Libre, you can create your own avatar and upload your own audio for your chatbot. Additionally, Bot Libre is compatible with Android phones and iPhones.