What Activities Are Available on PBS Kids?

What Activities Are Available on PBS Kids?

Activities available on the PBS Kids website include educational games, educational television shows and e-books. Also available are albums, printable coloring sheets, and links to crafts and activities.

PBS Kids hosts a variety of activities, including developmentally appropriate games and e-books. Mobile applications are also available for download. Some of the most popular mobile titles include PBS Parents Play and Learn and the Lazoo Art Box.

Games usually correspond to a television show. There are nature games, spelling games, rhyming games, dinosaur games, music games and more. Many of the games provide the opportunity to exercise problem solving skills and fine motor dexterity.

Zoom, a special section on the site, provides a list of possible activities, from recipes to making home-made musical instruments to designing and building. One of the popular Zoom activities is Balloon Blast-Off. Using a balloon, straws, tape, string and some ingenuity, children are guided through aiming their balloon craft towards an intended target. Observing accuracy and recording the outcomes helps children hone their observation skills. A list of needed materials and instructions comes with every Zoom title.

It is possible to view favorite television shows on the website. A colorful spinning wheel of favorite characters allows the user to choose a show. As of 2015, many of the most recently produced episodes are available. Online Paint-a-long games and printable coloring pages of many characters encourage children to expand their artistic horizons; a link on the PBS Kids site directs parents to many more hands-on activities.