How Do You Active an AT&T GoPhone?

How Do You Active an AT&T GoPhone?

Activating an AT&T GoPhone requires turning the device on after the AT&T Go Phone has been assembled with the SIM card. The process is fairly simple, although it does require an Internet connection. The activation can be done online irrespective of whether it is a new GoPhone account, an upgrade or an additional number added to existing GoPhone account.

The following steps detail how to activate and add money to an AT&T Go Phone. The process may vary depending on the specific phone, but all activation processes follow similar steps.

  1. Call the automated voice system
  2. Call the automated voice activation system at (877) 426-0525. Follow the instructions provided to activate the phone. Activation usually takes around 10 minutes to fully complete.

  3. Add money to the account
  4. Add money to the account associated with the phone within 26 days of activation or the account will be deactivated and the number will be lost. Money may be put onto the account either from the main menu of the voice system or online at the AT&T website.

  5. A rate plan must be selected
  6. Select a rate plan from the quick start guide by entering the activation code shown. After pressing the send key, wait for a message that includes the new phone number and instructions to power off the device for 10 minutes in order to complete activation.

  7. Activate the phone
  8. After 10 minutes, add money to the account; the phone will be in full working condition. After the phone is successfully activated, choose a rate plan by dialing 611 or visiting AT&