What Are Some Active Steroid Chat Rooms or Forums?

What Are Some Active Steroid Chat Rooms or Forums?

Steroidology and Steroid.com offer forums for discussion about steroids. Both websites are very active with thousands of users logged in at any given time, and both have millions of posts and hundreds of thousands of threads.

While you do not need an account to view threads, you cannot post without one. Click the Register button on the top right of either website to sign up for an account and join the discussion. It is free to sign up for either website. Both websites are moderated, and you must read their rules before posting.

Steroidology and Steroid.com have chat rooms for discussions about anabolic steroids, testosterone replacement therapies and post cycle therapies, as well for as exercising, nutrition and supplements. Users can also share their progresses and comment on and criticize one another's pictures. Both forums accept male and female users and have dedicated forum categories for gender-based discussions about steroids.

Make sure that you are well-versed in federal and state laws regarding steroids. Steroidal has an article covering federal and state laws covering steroid use and sale. The Controlled Substances Act oversees the use of anabolic steroids at a federal level, while each individual state holds its right to enact and enforce its own steroid laws.

Be wary of counterfeit steroids. Muscle Insider provides five tips to identify counterfeit products, which are to check the company to see if it's a real one; check the dates to see if they were computer labeled or added to the box at a later stage; examine the seals to determine whether or not they're sealed properly; view the format to ensure the products conform to the practices of pharmaceutical companies; and do your research based on these points.