How Do You Activate a Virgin Mobile Phone?

How Do You Activate a Virgin Mobile Phone?

To activate a Virgin Mobile phone, turn it on, and press the Virgin Custom icon. Review the conditions, and tap Accept. Tap Create New Account, and enter your email address, password and account information. Create a security question, then tap Create Account.

Next, swipe right to customize your data, talk and text plans. Click continue two times, and select your preferred method of payment. Virgin Mobile accepts debit cards, credit cards and Top UP cards.

Type a name for the device, and tap Continue. If you want to let the phone control your Virgin Mobile account, select Enable at the Account Control prompt. Press Continue again. Next, choose whether to keep the number assigned to the phone, transfer an existing number or request a new one. Tap Continue.

To add a new device to an existing Virgin Mobile account, accept the terms, and select Add to Existing Account. Use the email address and password used to create the account to log in. Select where you want the device to manage your account and whether or not to change the phone number, and tap Continue.

All Virgin Mobile phones come free activation and a 14-day guarantee. The company offers a number of talk, taxt and data plans, including international plans, all of which require no annual contract.