How Do You Activate a U.S. Cellular Prepaid Phone?

Activate a U.S. Cellular prepaid phone by visiting the prepaid activation page of and choosing to either create a new phone number or transfer an existing number onto the phone. Regardless of the option, provide information about your area, address and verify the phone's MEID number.

The first step in activating a prepaid phone from U.S. Cellular is choosing your phone number. When you choose to assign a new phone number to the phone, you are able to complete the process within minutes and begin using the phone immediately. If you want to transfer an existing number, you must still complete the same process in addition to contacting the U.S. Cellular customer service department to complete the activation. At this step, you must also verify that you are over 13 years of age and accept the terms of the activation.

If you choose to create a new number, enter the ZIP code in which you live in order to choose the appropriate area. In both cases, you must also verify the purchase of the phone by entering its unique MEID number, which appears near the bar code of the box as well as on an internal product label. Finish the process by providing your personal and billing information and paying for your first month of service.