How Do You Activate a TracFone?

To activate a TracFone, as of 2015, go to, hover the mouse over the Activate/Reactivate Transfer button on the top-right corner, and then select Phone on the drop down menu. Select how you wish to activate your phone, and then click Submit to proceed to the next page.

On the new page, provide all the required information in the blank fields under the New Online Customers category. The required information includes your name, ZIP code and address. Under Account Information, provide your email address and password. Select a security question from the available options and then provide an answer.

Enter the serial number of your phone under the TracFone Serial Number section. The serial number appears in the Prepaid Menu of the phone. It also appears on the activation card that comes in the phone’s packaging. In the TracFone Number field, enter the telephone number. The telephone number of the TracFone device appears in the phone’s Prepaid Menu.

If the telephone number does not appear in the Prepaid Menu, click on the check box located next to the "I don’t have a phone number yet" option. Click Submit to complete the activation process. The phone number appears in the Prepaid Menu of the phone after clicking the Submit button.