How Do You Activate Tethering on an IPhone?

How Do You Activate Tethering on an IPhone?

Set up tethering on your iPhone by accessing your phone's settings and choosing to turn on the personal hotspot. Once you've turned on the personal hotspot, you can then use your iPhone's cellular network to provide a Wi-Fi signal to which you may connect a laptop or iPad.

  1. Access the iPhone settings menu

    Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone. This icon is gray and includes a design that looks like gears. This is the location where you make most changes to the way that your iPhone functions. As long as your cellular carrier allows for tethering to occur, the Settings menu is where you can activate this feature.

  2. Find Cellular settings and options

    Tap the Cellular option within the list on the screen, which is located underneath Settings. Tapping Cellular opens a new screen on the iPhone in which several options are available, including a Personal Hotspot option.

  3. Turn on the personal hotspot

    Tap the Personal Hotspot button on the screen. A new screen appears. Tap the button next to Personal Hotspot on the new screen to turn on the personal hotspot. This option is located at the top of the screen. Turning on this hotspot allows for tethering from your iPhone. Additional charges may apply when you use tethering, depending on your wireless carrier.