How Do You Activate Straight Talk Wireless Services?

How Do You Activate Straight Talk Wireless Services?

Activate your Straight Talk Wireless service through the activation page on the official Straight Talk website. Choose the Activate My Straight Talk Service option, and follow the prompted instructions.

On the activation page, enter the serial number located on the red activation card that came in your package. If you do not have an activation card, proceed with the instructions outlined for customers who do not have one.

If you are activating this service through the bring-your-own phone program, register the phone on the CDMA BYOP page, and enter the phone's serial number. Enter the MEID if you have a Straight Talk iPhone 4, 4s or 5. Otherwise, enter the IMEI.

If you are trying to activate service for other Straight Talk phones, click on the Help link for instructions on how to locate the serial number on your phone. Older phones generally have a serial number 14, 15 or 18 digits long, and this number is referred to as an MEID HEX, IMEI or MEID DEC.

If you have a home phone or SIM card or need activation for other items, such as a mobile hot spot, choose the Activate/Reactivate option on the Straight Talk website for further instructions.