How Do You Activate a Samsung Galaxy S5?

How Do You Activate a Samsung Galaxy S5?

Activate a Samsung Galaxy S5 by inserting the SIM card provided by your cellular network provider. You must also set up a Google account to unlock all features.

To activate the device, first insert the battery and the SIM card, and turn on the phone by pressing the Power button on the right side of the phone. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Some cellular network providers also have automated systems that you can reach via dialing the related number. As of January 2016, Verizon offers its automated system at 877-807-4646.

Alternatively, your network provider may have installed an activation application to your phone. In such cases, the phone displays the option to activate itself automatically when you power it on for the first time.

Although the phone is able to place and receive calls after you activate the SIM card, some online features, such as Google Play Store, require a Google account. You can get one by signing up for one of the services offered by Google, such as Gmail and Google Plus.

With the Google account set up, open the Settings app to link it with your phone. Tap Accounts, and choose Google under Add Account. Then tap Existing, and provide the credentials for your Google account. Agree to the Terms of Service, and tap OK. The phone should display a dialog that reads "Account sign-in successful" when you complete the process.