How Do You Activate Your Ooma Service?

How Do You Activate Your Ooma Service?

To activate Ooma service, go to the Ooma activation Web page, and enter the activation code. Select a phone number, provide the contact details, and enter the service address and billing data.

Find the seven-digit activation code on the lower side of the Ooma Telo device. This service also requires a U.S. or Canadian address and a debit or credit card. The credit card should be valid in the country of purchase. During activation, take note of the taxes and fees that apply.

Activate the Ooma account while the device is unplugged. Then plug in the device to complete the process. If the service does not work, unplug the device for some time and then plug it in again. Link the Ooma service to 911 operation numbers, and receive email confirmation of completion of activation.

Each step of the activation process requests mandatory details. Correct any erroneous details with the Ooma Office Manager under the Account tab.

The Ooma services work through phone services and Internet platforms, with regular service and premium service available. The premium service is free for the first 60 days. The service also allows up to 5,000 minutes for outbound calls in a month. The standalone Ooma device does not require a computer. Ooma service also allows porting of numbers and placing of international calls.