How Do You Activate MagicJack?


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To activate magicJack, turn on your computer and plug the magicJack into the USB port. The computer needs to be running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. An Intel-based Mac also works.

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For magicJack Plus 2014 or magicJackGO, connect the dongle to the Internet with an Ethernet cord. Connect it to an electrical outlet using the power adapter included in the package, and then connect it to a phone line. When you have everything connected, go online to the registration site. Note that the computer and the magicJackGO have to be on the same network. The registration site should recognize your magicJack and walk you through the registration process.

Alternately, you can connect the magicJack to your phone and to a USB port on your computer. Within a few minutes, your magicJack begins downloading and installing the magicJack drivers. Once that is done, a program guides you through the registration process. Once registration is complete, you are asked to set up your magicJack account. Be sure to read the terms of service, especially the part about excessive usage.

Choose your phone number in the next step of the process. Once that is complete, you receive a confirmation email from magicJack, which you must click on to confirm the activation.

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