How Do You Activate a GoPhone?


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To activate a GoPhone, insert the SIM card into the phone, charge your phone, turn it on, select a plan, enter the rate plan's activation code and your zip code, press the Send key, and turn off your phone. You need to add money to your account before you can use your phone.

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  1. Set up your phone

    Insert the SIM into the designated slot on your phone, which may be located on the side of the phone or underneath the battery.

  2. Charge your phone

    Connect the phone to a charger, and let the battery charge.

  3. Activate your phone

    Once the phone is charged, turn it on. To start the activation process, follow the prompts on your phone. Review the Quick Start Guide, and select a rate plan. Enter the activation code associated with the rate plan and the zip code where you intend to receive service the most. Press the Send key, and wait for a text message.

  4. Complete the activation process

    Read the text message, which includes your phone number and further instructions. Turn your phone off, and wait 10 minutes.

  5. Use your phone

    After the 10 minutes have passed, power on your phone. To begin using your phone, add money to your GoPhone account from your online AT&T account.

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