How Do You Activate a Cricket Wireless Phone?

If the Cricket wireless phone was ordered online, you must activate it online through Cricket's website before inserting the SIM card. Online activation requires you have both your Cricket order number and the phone's number. Cricket devices purchased through physical retailers have a more complex online setup process.

Devices purchased through a retail Cricket store can be activated at the store. Devices purchased from other retailers must be set up through the Cricket Wireless website. Visit the site, and input your ICCID that came on a card alongside your SIM card. You must also input the IMEI number that is beneath the battery on the back of the device. Now, select Continue.

You must sign in and determine if you are changing your primary device or adding a device to your account. Next, you select what specific Cricket plan you want. The site prompts you to choose a rate plan, features, and whether you want a new phone number or to transfer an older number. You must now enter contact info and either register for My Account or confirm your existing account.

Next, you must enter in how you will pay for your account. Payment can be made through Cricket Refill cards or credit cards. Now, you may optionally transfer an existing number to the new device. Otherwise, review the order, click Complete Order and then click the Activate button.